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KINKY KRIS-MAS - With Mr Kristofer

We are almost halfway through the 12 gays of Christmas and today we get our favorite Daddy, Kristofer Weston on! If you have any questions you want to ask our guests, leave them below! Mr Kristofer: -OUR SOCIAL MEDIA - Twitters: Instagrams: Facebook:

The importance of a Collar

This week the wonderful, sexy and resident Daddy Kristofer is back to discuss collars and how he and Amp define their collar and relationship. What is a collar when it comes to BDSM, what types are there, and what do they mean to different people? FIND OUT NOW!

Thank you Mr S for letting us use the studio space follow their new page here: Mr S Leather

Mr Kristofer




Gagging With Jon Shield!

Have you ever been curious about gags? Afraid of literally gagging? Or just need some tips to quiet your sex partners, consensually?!

Never fear! Mr S Leather and our good friend Jon Shield is here to help review, give safety tips and tell you what we love about gags of all kinds! Like the vid, leave a like!

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