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Drag Nunsense with Sister Roma

While we aren't experts on drag we would never talk nunsense. Luckily the Sister Roma is here to help talk drag, drag history and the wonderful organization that is the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence! Sister Roma: -OUR SOCIAL MEDIA - Twitters: Instagrams: Facebook:

BONDAGE 102 - Choosing Bondage Rope

The next segment of the Bondage 101 series features us talking about types of ropes, makes, styles and how to choose what works for you! Also some bonus beginning knots! 

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Shame gotcha down? No problem, this week we're talking about the ugly creature that is shame and the easy ways to avoid it. Leave a shameless comment below and let us know what to talk about next time! (Also it's Bolt's birthday today, don't forget to leave him birthday wishes!)