You Know You’re a Puppy When

Coming to accept your inner kinkster is a big step for people as they explore and grow through their sexual journey in life.  Choosing to join a new subculture, learning, exploring and otherwise defining oneself further is often life-changing. While coming out of the closet in my late teens was a huge part of what defined me as a person, I believe coming out as a puppy has both clarified that definition and opened new worlds to me in ways I can’t begin to explain entirely in a single blog post. Coming out of the closet — or in this case, coming out of the doghouse as a puppy and kinkster — gave shape to innumerable characteristics and personality traits I’ve struggled with for years. Being overly self-conious about my body, body shaming, being shy and so on; while I’m not an expert against these “flaws” that I still see every so often, kink was the gateway that helped me find myself, and puppy play gave me the avenue to meet new people and become more comfortable in my own skin.

So you’re a puppy huh?

So how did I come to the conclusion I was a puppy, and how did I know that sort of lifestyle was for me? And let me emphasize, I choose the term “lifestyle” because I define it and in turn the lifestyle defines me as a person and a puppy. This doesn’t mean that I go to work in a harness and tail, but rather to say that who I am as a person draws from and lends support to my pup personality as “Amp”. I always smile to myself when I see a bio dog doing something only a dog would do, or worrying about something that only a dog would stress about. Chasing a tail or frantically looking for where a toy had disappeared to. It’s in those moments you can actually step back and observe your own puppy traits, plain as the nose on your snout. And I think that’s what makes puppy play so endearing and easy to jump into, we see these loveable four legged animals and we connect with them on a personal, loving and spiritual level; it’s in that moment that we question if we’re actually training them, or if it’s the reverse…

So you know you’re a puppy when…

Have you ever been so angry at a co-worker that you’ve physically growled at them?  How about finding your butt wagging back and forth when you get excited or happy? Even a small jump or head twist at the sound of a squeaking toy or someone yelling “SQUIRREL!”? Or maybe you just have an undying hatred for felines and of all catty people in general (I can relate). Well, I hate to break it to you, but you just might be a puppy.

So for the sake of all potential and curious puppies out there, I ‘ve provided a few traits you may want to look out for if you’re wondering if you’re a puppy.  You know you’re a puppy when:

·         Licking something automatically makes it yours.

·         The word “squirrel” immediately takes precedence of all your attention, No Matter What.

·         You have completely forgotten what you’re doing, because of the forementioned word that shall not be mentioned again.

·         Someone mentions they’ve got a treat for you, and you realize suddenly that you would do anything for it.

·         Something/someone new must ALWAYS be sniffed before interaction.

·         The word “bone” has many connotations. All of them good.

·         You have to use the term “bio-dog” to differentiate in conversation.

·         All conversations sooner or later land on the topics of dogs and/or dog behavior.

·         Proving your dominance to your friends is of the upmost importance.

·         Cuddling and closeness is the most important thing in any relationship.

·         Dog puns are a part of everyday life.

·         You could throw a ball back and forth all day.

·         Pampering yourself involves a trip to the pet store.

·         Speak doesn’t usually end with you making actual words.

·         You could fall asleep in any position, floor, awkwardly sprawled on the couch, etc.


Like any community, being a puppy comes with certain social expectations and personality trait associations. As any puppy can attest, we are some of the craziest kinksters out there, both social and awkward at the same time. We can also be very loving, loyal and the first to make friends though. Embrace your puppy side, and if a small, “woof!” should escape your mouth at a work function, you’re not weird, you’re just a puppy! 

If you're still not quite sure if you're a puppy or just need a good laugh, this puppy video is EVERYTHING!